Quality Management

A Fresh Start Cleaning Service believes that quality assurance begins with the proper training and supervision of each employee. We apply a strict Quality Management Program as part of our janitorial services. When we first meet with a new client, it's not just the start of a new contract - it's the beginning of a new, long standing relationship. 

We carefully listen to your needs and discuss the best ways to address your particular concerns. A Fresh Start Cleaning Service will then design a cleaning routine to accommodate to your specifications. This is why you will have "peace of mind" knowing that your
​expectations are being met, always! 

​ Our Quality Management begins with the proper training and supervision of each employee. A Fresh Start Cleaning will assign each employee their designated duties via our Quality Management Assignment Schedule. By using this schedule, each employee will know their daily tasks and timelines. Our management team is then able to review the schedule and assess our employee's efficiency and thoroughness. 

​​Communication Is Key

A Fresh Start Cleaning Service knows the importance of clear, concise, communication. This is why we will implement a site Communication Log to accommodate Property Management requests. This allows the customer to have a written dialog with the site management team. We also advocate requests via e-mail, text, as well as direct line contact phone calls. 

A Fresh Start Cleaning Service will respond to any requests immediately and follow up with the client to be certain that all requests were handled in a satisfactory manner. 

​ Our janitorial management team will inspect your facility using a customized checklist. These reports are available to be reviewed with your building superintendent or facilities manager to maintain an open channel of communication with the intention to make sure that our services meets our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy that you deserve!

A Fresh Start Cleaning Service welcomes superintendents to participate in monthly inspections with our Quality Management team representative to reinforce our commitment to excellence. 


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